May 20-22, 2019, Sopot, Poland


Welcome to the International Symposium on Fluid Acoustics which will be held at Hotel Eureka, Sopot, Poland, May 20-22, 2019.
Acoustic waves, elastic waves, ultrasounds form the basis of the operation of modern devices for research, detection and diagnostics of objects in many areas of science. The physical phenomenon on the basis of which new research methods are created or measuring devices are constructed in various areas of knowledge is basically very similar. There are different detailed solutions, device parameters or imaging methods.
The symposium will be interdisciplinary. Marine environment research, underwater observation in maritime infrastructure security systems and medical diagnostics are issues of particular importance in the modern world.
We invite representatives of scientific, medical and technical communities with experience in:
- research in water environment,
- using acoustic methods for medical diagnosis,
- constructing acoustic and ultrasonic research equipment,
- technical diagnostics
- imaging of phenomena occurring in liquids.
Creating a platform for exchanging experiences with the possibilities offered by analogous methods in various applications may be an inspiration to expand research methods through the use of solutions from another area of science.


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